Word to word Translation

The “Word-to-Word Translation of the Complete Quran in 30 Years 30 Paras Movement” is a campaign or initiative that aims to translate the entire Quran word by word over a period of 30 years, focusing on one para (section) each year.

The goal of such a movement is to provide a deeper understanding of the Quran’s text by examining the meaning of each word and how it relates to the overall message of the Quran. By focusing on one para per year, participants can study and reflect on each part in depth, ensuring a thorough comprehension of the text.

This approach can be beneficial for those who want to learn more about the Quran at a slower pace, allowing time for contemplation and study. However, word-to-word translations can sometimes miss the nuances of the original language, so additional context and interpretation may be necessary for a comprehensive understanding of the Quran’s teachings.

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