Tadabur o Amal

The “30 Years 30 Paras Movement” aims to provide a deep and structured study of the Quran over a span of 30 years, focusing on one para (section) each year. An important aspect of this movement is incorporating tadabbur and amal into the study of the Quran:

Tadabbur (Reflection):

  • Tadabbur refers to the practice of deeply reflecting on the verses of the Quran. It involves pondering the meanings, implications, and wisdom contained in the text.
  • Participants in the movement can focus on each para, contemplating the messages and lessons within the verses, and how they relate to their own lives and the world around them.
  • By spending a full year studying and reflecting on each para, participants have ample time to absorb the teachings and apply them to their personal experiences.
  • Tadabbur encourages a deeper spiritual connection with the Quran and its teachings, allowing for a more transformative experience.

Amal (Action):

  • Amal involves putting the teachings of the Quran into practice in daily life. It is a practical application of the insights gained through study and reflection.
  • As participants engage with each para, they can identify specific actions and behaviors that align with the values and guidance found in the Quran.
  • The long-term structure of the movement provides participants with the opportunity to integrate these lessons and practices gradually, allowing for a sustainable transformation in their lives.
  • By living according to the principles of the Quran, participants can experience a more holistic and meaningful relationship with the text.

Overall, the incorporation of tadabbur and amal in the “30 Years 30 Paras Movement” helps participants not only understand the Quran on a deeper level but also apply its teachings to their lives in meaningful ways. This holistic approach fosters personal growth and a stronger spiritual connection with the Quran.

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